Liberal, Conservative MPs can no longer bill taxpayers for home internet use


The federal Liberal government is joining the Conservatives in no longer allowing members of Parliament to expense their home internet services.
The practice is currently allowed under House of Commons rules, but members of Pierre Poilievre's caucus were informed Wednesday of a new policy where Tory MPs would no longer be allowed to charge taxpayers for their internet.
Chief opposition whip Kerry-Lynne Findlay says in a statement that Canadians should not be asked to pay for the home internet bills of MPs at a time when they are struggling under high prices.
By later today, the office of Government House Leader Mark Holland said Liberal MPs had been told the same.
Holland's office also says he plans to propose an amendment to the current House of Commons rules to bring an end to the practice.
The decision comes as both Liberal and Conservative caucuses are preparing to meet to pick their priorities for the upcoming parliamentary sitting.