New app to help N.B. doctors in COVID-19 fight

Covid 19-nito100

Doctors across the province will soon have a new app to help fight the outbreak of COVID-19.

Dr. Gordon Dowe, Division Head of Infectious Diseases at the Moncton Hospital told the CBC The Spectrum app will give clear guidelines on what tests to do, what infection control to complete, the treatments to provide and how to manage common complications.

The app was expected to go live for doctors in the Horizon Health Network on Friday, with those in the Vitalité Health Network expected to have access in a couple of weeks.

The CBC says it will put best practice information in the hands of doctors at patient's bedsides.

It will also optimize treatment for patients with COVID-19 while protecting health-care workers and other patients from the viral infection.

The CBC reports the Spectrum app will also allow health networks to send push notifications to doctors about any major changes in recommended guidelines.

Each of the province's two health networks will have their own edition of Spectrum, which will allow them to customize it to their needs.

As of Saturday there were 51 confirmed cases of COVID-19 in New Brunswick, and two patients who had the virus had completely recovered.

(With files from the CBC)