New Brunswick advocate calls for law reform to better protect children's rights


New Brunswick's child and youth advocate is calling for the adoption of a new Children's Act as a way to better protect children's rights in the province's child welfare system.

A report today from Kelly Lamrock says that too often child protection cases linger unresolved, failing to meet the urgent duty to protect children from harm.

It says the proposed legislation to govern the child welfare system would allow co-ordination of all services affecting child welfare and provide for enforcement of children's rights.

Lamrock's recommendations include better case planning and co-ordination among government departments to put a child's needs first when they come in contact with the courts, and to ensure they are protected from abuse and neglect.

He says it's easier to help children today than to deal with traumatized young adults later.

The advocate is planning to publish a second report on child welfare within the next three weeks.