Pabineau First Nation artist, film-maker using skills to dispel misconceptions around schizophrenia


An artist and film-maker from the Pabineau First Nation is using his skills to destigmatize and dispel misconceptions around schizophrenia.

Chris Grant(Xoradmagical) has been creating TikTok videos that are like a 'schizophrenia simulator' that show what it's like living with the voices and hallucinations that can result from the illness.

And he's getting noticed.

The 25-year-old has amassed a whopping 1.3 million followers on TikTok and has even been interviewed by the likes of NewsWeek and BuzzFeed.

Some medical professionals are even saying his work is giving them a deeper understanding of what their patients are going through.

Grant hopes his work shows people schizophrenia isn't what's portrayed in the media and is  "more complicated experientially than just a list of symptoms.

He says there's a human experience element to it that isn't just terror, adding there's even a "strange, surreal beauty to it once you start taking care of yourself and start taking the necessary steps to heal."