Slow ambulance response may have played role in man's death, Quebec coroner says

Urgences Sante (Flickr)

A Quebec coroner says the death of a young man who waited 21 minutes for an ambulance could have possibly been avoided had help arrived sooner.
Hugo St-Onge, a 24-year-old paramedic, died in December 2017 after developing convulsions at his girlfriend's house in Levis, just south of Quebec City.
His girlfriend called 911, but St-Onge had to wait 17 minutes for fire trucks to arrive and 21 minutes for an ambulance, even though the call was classified a top priority.
In her report published today, Coroner Julie Langlois said although the death was natural and due to a heart problem, it could have possibly been avoided.
She notes all three of Levis' ambulances were occupied when the 911 call was made, forcing paramedics to be summoned from another territory.
She recommends regional and provincial health authorities work together to review their emergency response resources to help avoid the problem in the future.