Three dead in plane crash near lake in remote northern Quebec region


Three men were killed when a plane went down in a remote region of northern Quebec on Friday.

A fourth man aboard the downed float plane was injured but survived the crash near Lac Boulene, southeast of Chibougamau.

The Joint Rescue Coordination Centre Trenton said a Hercules aircraft was dispatched on Friday evening to respond to an emergency locator beacon.

Search and rescue technicians parachuted to the site where they found three people without vital signs and were later pronounced dead.

Capt. Trevor Reid said the fourth man was transported by Griffon helicopter to nearby Chibougamau, about 700 kilometres north of Montreal, for further medical treatment.

Quebec provincial police said the four men were all from Quebec, friends in their 60s and 70s, heading to the Chibougamau area for a fishing expedition.