Vitalite Health Network aiming to expand initiative from Acadian Peninsula to other facilities

Vitalite Health Network - Bigger

The Vitalite Health Network says it wants to expand a health-care initiative that began on the Acadian Peninsula to the rest of its clinics and health centres. 

The network says a community advisory committee put in place at the Lameque Hospital and Community Health Centre in 2003 has resulted in improved access to primary health care services and helped develop services tailored to the needs of the region.

As a result, it says the region has seen its health results improve with just 19 percent of local residents with at least three chronic health problems compared to 23 percent for the province as a whole.

Assistant Director of Primary Health Care Stephanie Roy says the health authority's objective  is to build an integrated network of nurse practitioners and physicians so that these primary care providers can work collaboratively.

Roy says the goal is to connect patients with a team of primary health care providers and for orphan patients to be looked after.