Dierks Bentley Busted... For Fishing Without A License


Country star Dierks Bentley was busted this past weekend for fishing without a license.

In a video he tweeted and then deleted, the singer is seen getting a ticket from an officer from Colorado Fish and Wildlife.

Referring to his fishing buddy, fellow country star Like Bryan, Bentley said to the camera: “Hey Luke, those fish we caught in the Cottonwood Creek this week here in Buena Vista, we should probably get a fishing license next time because I just got pulled over. You’re next.”

Colorado Parks and Wildlife responded via Twitter: “We tip our caps to @DierksBentley for being a gentleman when our @COParksWildlife officer cited him for fishing without a license this weekend at the @SevenPeaksFest in Buena Vista. We appreciate his kind words about CPW and we welcome him back anytime. With a license of course.”

Bentley paid the $139.50 U.S. fine.

Earlier, Bentley had shared a photo on Instagram of the day's catch. In the caption, he explained that Bryan "only caught one and this is my third in 30 mins."

He added: "Not that it’s a competition... totally not... fishing and Seven Peaks is all about community and good vibes... but if it was a competition... I would be crushing him. But it’s not. But if... just saying."