Meghan Patrick Earns Praise For Calling Out Rude Fan


Meghan Patrick is earning praise from fans and peers for calling out a disrespectful concert-goer this past weekend.

The Canadian country music singer was performing Saturday at the Hagersville Rocks festival in Ontario when a man yelled out “show me your t**s!”

Patrick was fuming. “I stopped playing and asked for the lights to be put on the crowd, and demanded that whoever said it, own up to it,” she recounted on Instagram. “He was quickly pointed out to me, so I told him to get the f**k out.”

Patrick said despite overwhelming support from the crowd, the incident had an emotional impact. “This is not a hobby. This is my livelihood, my heart and soul. I give everything I have into the songs I write and my performances,” she explained. “To have something that means so much to me be degraded to that? F**k that. And f**k the guy who said that. I have worked my ass off for a long time to get to the point where I earned a headlining slot. I EARNED it. And I deserved a hell of a lot more respect than that.”

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The singer had a warning for others thinking of shouting out something similar: “I will call your pathetic ass out and send you home, because I can, and because f**k you.”

Patrick’s post has so far received more than 4,200 “likes” and most of the comments have been supportive. (Patrick's beau, country singer Mitchell Tenpenny, commented: “He’s lucky I wasn’t there.")

“You should be able to play your music in peace and respect,” wrote one fan. Another shared: “I didn’t think I could be more of a fan.”

Other Canadian country artists also weighed in.

“You’re a badass, a hard worker, and an important part of this industry. Being a woman is tough sometimes – so we gotta be tougher,” commented Jesse Moskaluke. “And women in this industry don’t come any tougher than you. Good for you for standing up for yourself.”

Brett Kissel shared: “It’s really quite something, actually. Someone with no balls has bigger balls than anyone I know. Your confidence and elevated level of self worth and self value is inspiring.”

Terri Clark wrote: “Yes girl!”