Home Hangouts

  • Home Hangouts with MacKenzie Porter

    Fresh off her #1 for her song ‘Seeing Other People’, MacKenzie Porter joins Shannon Ella for a Pure Country Home Hangout! They chat about adding the song ‘These Days’ to pop radio, a new single that’s coming out in the first week of August, Wedding plans, colouring her hair, and more!
  • Home Hangouts with Nice Horse

    Shannon Ella sits down with our iHeartRadio Future Star, Nice Horse! They chat about their new song ‘Cowgirl’ and whether or not it was weird to release a song during this time. We also find out how the name ‘Nice Horse’ came to be, what it was like working with Jason Blaine, and more!
  • Home Hangouts with Brett Eldredge

    They chat about his brand new album ‘Sunday Drive’ and how excited he is to share it with the world, why it was so important to get out of Nashville to write the record, explains the thought process behind the order of his track list, and Brett's taking over for Bobby Bones this weekend on the Country Top 30 Countdown!
  • Home Hangouts with Griffen Palmer

    Ever wonder whose behind some of country music’s biggest songs?! Shannon Ella sits down with Griffen Palmer, singer-songwriter from Pickering, Ontario, who is now living in Nashville! Griffen recently just won Songland with his ballad “Second Guessing,” which was chosen as the new single for Florida Georgia Line!
  • Home Hangouts with LOCASH

    On this Pure Country Home Hangout we sit down with Preston & Chris from LOCASH! We get to know the guys a lot better and find out things like what song they can't get enough of, what show they've binged watched, what artists they like that may surprise you, and so much more!
  • Home Hangouts with George Canyon

    Checking in from his home studio, Shannon Ella catches up with George Canyon! George tells us he has kept busy by writing at least a records worth of songs, working on his podcast, YouTube videos, and more!
  • Home Hangouts with Aaron Pritchett

    Aaron tells us about his social media live shows called ‘Aaron’s QuaranTunes’ where he chats with a wide variety of guests! We also learn more about his new single ‘Never Seen Me Like This’ and why he has never been more excited to release a track in his career.
  • Home Hangouts with Lindsay Ell

    Lindsay Ell tells us how this is the most time she has spent at home ever, and how she’s embracing the down time. She’s found new ways during this time to connect with fans and friends through her new project ‘Living wELL’, and they chat about her song ‘I Don’t Love You’ which is the first track off her new record coming out later this summer!
  • Home Hangouts with Doug Douglason

    You may recognize Doug from when Hot Country Knights opened up for Dierks Bentley on his tour. Doug Douglason is a fashion icon and shares some style tips with Shannon about proper Jean/Jorts style, leopard print, and where to get cool sunglasses like his. Doug also gives us the inside scoop on what it’s like working with Dierks Bentley, and even reveals he’s squatting at his house!
  • Home Hangouts with Andrew Hyatt

    Lately Andrew has been hanging out by the water, spending his time fishing. They chat more about that and also dive into the story behind his new song ‘I Needed That’. This was a song Andrew knew he needed to have and it shows when he played it for us! Check it out!
  • Home Hangouts with Kristin Carter

    Kristin talks about “Sad Piano Sundays”, where she covers songs to practice her vocal range, and more on her social media content including her trip to the grocery store while singing a song from Frozen 2.
  • Home Hangouts with Jojo Mason

    Jojo fill us in on how his project Mental Health Mondays came to be and why he feels it’s so important, especially right now. He also tells us how he’s managed to work on new music during this time, some of which is written by Mitchell Tenpenny!
  • Home Hangouts with Emerson Drive

    Shannon has been a fan of the band FOREVER so it was fun finding out how the band has evolved, how much his kids love music, and how famous his daughter thinks she'll be after being in their video for their new song ‘Footprints on the Moon’!
  • Home Hangouts with Kip Moore

    Taking a break from rock climbing the mountains in Kentucky, Kip Moore sits down with Shannon Ella for a Pure Country Home Hangout! Continuing to write music during this time, Kip tells us about how situations like these enhance your self-growth.
  • Home Hangouts with Carly Pearce

    Recently returning home from spending time with her mom in Alabama, Carly tells us how her hit song ‘I Hope You’re Happy Now’ ft. Lee Brice came to be, about walking her cat on a leash, what positives she’s found during this difficult time, and more!
  • Home Hangouts with Jade Eagleson

    Shannon Ella catches up with Jade Eagleson, who is celebrating a recent no. 1 with his single "Lucky"! They chat about his new single 'Close', play 'Snack Attack', and more! Check it out!
  • Home Hangouts with Jason McCoy

    Jason McCoy sits down with Shannon Ella to talk about the huge success behind his project We Are 1 World, plays the 'Is it Canadian?" game, and more on this Pure Country Home Hangout!
  • Home Hangouts with Owen Barney

    On this Pure Country Home Hangout Shannon Ella sits down with our iHeartRadio Future Star Owen Barney. They chat about writing his latest single 'Thank Her For That', what's next for him and his music, and more!
  • Home Hangouts with The Washboard Union

    Shannon Ella sits down with Chris and David and they chat about how they’ve continued to stay busy and may be busier than ever (aside from being on the road). They also tell us about their new album ‘Everbound’, and their new song ‘Dock Rock’.
  • Home Hangouts with Jesse and Stevie Frasure

    Wanna get a behind-the-scenes look at the music business in Nashville? Jesse Frasure has written twelve #1 songs and produced an additional eight #1s! Throughout his career, he has produced/co-written for artists such as Florida Georgia Line, Rascal Flatts, Luke Bryan, Thomas Rhett, and more!
  • Home Hangouts with Gone West

    Calling in from Nashville, Tennessee, Gone West sits down to chat with Shannon Ella! They share tips and info on what it’s like to travel in Hawaii, introduce their pets, how it works recording performances from different locations, and more!
  • Home Hangout with Brett Kissel

    Brett Kissel stops by for a Pure Country Home Hangout! He and Shannon Ella discuss what he and his family have been doing more than normal while being at home with the kids, what's currently in the works during this time (which is a lot!), and more! Check it out!
  • Home Hangout with Brandon Lay

    On this Pure Country Home Hangout, Shannon catches up with Brandon Lay! We find out how he's doing and where he's staying, how it's going learning his songs on piano, and chat about the release of his new song "Walkaway Joe".
  • Home Hangouts with Travis Denning

    Calling in from Nicholasville, Kentucky, Travis Denning joins Shannon Ella for a Pure Country Home Hangout! They talk about the new EP ‘Beer’s Better Cold’, how exciting it is to have a song top the charts, what it’s like writing with Kelly Archer, and more! Take a listen!
  • Home Hangouts with Kelly Prescott

    Kelly Prescott joins Shannon Ella on the latest Pure Country Home Hangout! They cover everything from her new EP, to how much fun they had recreating a Tiger King music video, play some FRIENDS trivia, and more!
  • Home Hangouts with Eric Ethridge

    Catching up with Shannon Ella from Sarnia, Ontario, Eric tells us about his new EP, the story behind the track ‘Dream Girl’, being nominated for 3 CMAOs, and more! Check it out.
  • Home Hangouts with Aaron Goodvin

    Aaron Goodvin sits down with Shannon Ella on this edition of Pure Country Home Hangouts. They chat renovations, bonfires, how he's been connecting with his fans, and more! Check it out!
  • Home Hangouts with Emily Reid

    Emily Reid joins us for a Pure Country Home Hangout! We cover everything from how making TikToks brings her joy, to what she misses the most right now, we play some wine trivia, and more!
  • Home Hangouts with Hillary Scott

    Thanks to Hillary Scott of Lady Antebellum for calling in to talk about #ChampangeNight, Songland, rooting for Madeline Merlo, and how much fun her family is having making videos at home!
  • Home Hangouts with Madeline Merlo

    Coming in hot after her big win on Songland, and Lady Antebellum releasing her song #ChampangeNight to country radio, Madeline gives us the inside scoop of the process of Songland, the success that followed, and tells us about more new music!
  • Home Hangouts with Josh Ross

    On this Home Hangout we check in with Josh Ross! We chat about how he's been quarantining, what it's like to live in Nashville, his live social media performances, and more!
  • Home Hangouts with Steven Lee Olsen

    This Home Hangout episode was a little different. Very strange interviewing your fiancé Steven Lee Olsen from one floor up! We’re talking about his new song “Can’t Not”, his baking skills AND how he proposed!
  • Home Hangouts with Genevieve Fisher

    Her brand new song “Someone Else” is out now & the message behind this song is so beautiful it NEEDS to be heard. Genevieve Fisher joins us to talk about the tune, what she’s keeping busy with & how she feels about everything going on!
  • Home Hangouts with The Reklaws

    Today's Pure Country Home Hangout is with The Reklaws! They have a brand new single out today called 'Where I'm From', which is a track that every single one of us can relate to! Pure Country's Shannon Ella chats with Stu & Jenna about the new song and more!
  • Home Hangouts with Jess Moskaluke

    We are celebrating Jess Moskaluke's number one song "Country Girls" with a virtual chat slumber party style! Jess weighs in on her thoughts surrounding this strange time we are in and why it is so important to support local businesses!
  • Home Hangouts with RaeLynn

    Raelynn is next up on our Pure Country Home Hangouts as she calls in from her home in Nashville to chat with Shannon Ella. They’re talking about her new single “Keep Up,” ponies, puppies & being at home with her husband Josh!
  • Home Hangouts with Mackenzie Porter

    Mackenzie Porter just celebrated her second number one song "These Days," released new music and got off the road with Chris Lane and Brad Paisley, and now she's hanging out with us from home! We're talking workouts, wedding plans and watching the news on this Pure Country Home Hangout.
  • Home Hangouts with Dallas Smith

    Thanks to the means of technology these days, our very own Shannon Ella received a call from Dallas Smith who is safe at home with his family in B.C. He gave us a behind the scenes look at his games room, talked to us about his jersey collection, the mannequin head on the shelf and also talked about how he feels about the toilet paper hoarding. Don't miss the full chat here
  • Home Hangouts with Florida Georgia Line

    Tyler Hubbard and Brian Kelley of Florida Georgia Line just dropped their highly anticipated new tune "I Love My Country" and Pure Country's Shannon Ella had a chance to chat with the guys on release day. They are talking about what direction their new album is headed in, how even their relationship takes work and Tyler's moustache. They are hoping Canadians are turning this one up loud and they can't wait to come back soon!
  • Home Hangouts with Jason Blaine

    Jason Blaine is next up on our Pure Country Home Hangouts, talking about his new live sessions called "Sips and Songs" and how he is enjoying engaging with fans this way. We found out about some new songs he has coming soon and what he and his family are doing to stay busy!
  • Home Hangouts with Sykamore

    Alberta native Sykamore has a brand new EP coming out on Friday, April 3rd called "California King." She's been working on her songwriting with Rhett Akins and Thomas Rhett on their Home Team Publishing and just signed a record deal with Music Knox Records. In this Pure Country Home Hangout we are talking about music, FRIENDS & the tornado that hit Nashville.
  • Home Hangouts with Hunter Brothers

    Shannon Ella caught up with JJ and Ty of the Hunter Brothers to find out what they have been up to with all this extra time with their family, what farming looks like and if new music is on the way!
  • Home Hangouts with Sam Hunt

    Today Sam Hunt has dropped his much anticipated sophomore album "Southside" and he gave Pure Country's Shannon Ella a call to tell her all about it. They talk about why he took the time he did to work on this project and dug deeper into a few tracks including "2016," "Breaking Up Was Easy in the 90's" and "Hard To Forget."
  • Home Hangouts with Tenille Townes

    Tenille Townes is a true light in this world. She is next up on our Pure Country Home Hangouts talking about her sparkly wardrobe, her BRAND NEW SONG, FRIENDS (of course) and what walking and talking to family has been doing for her.
  • Home Hangouts with Tim Hicks

    Tim Hicks is wearing ALL the dad hats these days, while is wife Amanda is working 12 hour shifts at an emergency call centre. We caught up with Tim to hear about his plans to reschedule his tour, working with Alan Doyle and why he wants to remind people how important it is to stay home.