23-year-old charged after locking puppy in hot car

Kingston Police

A 23-year-old Kingston resident was arrested May 11, after police officers found a 10 week old puppy locked inside the car out front of a local business. 

On May 11, police received reports of a dog locked inside the trunk of a vehicle, which was parked outside of a local area business. When police arrived, they could hear whimpering coming from inside the vehicle's trunk. Police say it was around 25 degrees celsius at the time of the incident.

Police tried to enter the vehicle but all of the doors were locked, and they were forced to break the front driver's side window of the vehicle in order to open the trunk. When they opened the trunk, officers found a 10 week old puppy inside. The puppy was weak, lethargic, and exhibiting signs of being in distress.

The person responsbile for locking the dog inside returned to the car while police were present. The person said they were in the process of transporting the puppy to a new owner outside of Kingston.

Police arrested the individual around 6:25 p.m., and transported them to police headquarters. They were released on conditions with a future court date. The 23-year-old individual was charge dwith willfully causing unnecessary suffering to an animal.

The puppy was cared for and delivered to the new owner by police to receive further care.

Kingston Police are reminding residents not to leave children or pets unattended in cars for any length of time.