OPP continues warning the public after individual reported losing over $15K to fraud phone call

KING Fraud

The Prince Edward County Detachment of the Ontario Provincial Police (OPP) says they would like to remind everyone to be cautious of any request for money or information from phone calls, emails, or text messages.

Officers from OPP say they received a report recently where an individual reported losing over $15,000 to a bank investigator fraud. In this case, the victim stated they received a call from someone claiming to be with their bank's fraud department. The investigator claimed that the suspect's identity had been compromised and that the suspect was an internal bank employee. The suspect then directed the victim to deposit over $15,000 into a Bitcoin Teller Machine. 

OPP says with certainty that banks, police, or government agencies will never ask for cryptocurrency. Adding that people can stay safe online by following these tips:

- Pump the brakes and ask more questions.
- Ask for credentials.
- Listen to the inner voice that says "this does not sound right".
- Be wary of any request for cash or cryptocurrency.
- Be cautious of the sense of urgency.
- Never provide remote computer access.
- Do not assume phone numbers appearing on caller display are accurate.

OPP adds that people need to remember legitimate agencies will never pressure people for information over the phone or demand money immediately.

With files by CFRA's Connor Ray