One-size-fits-most bathing suit! | How much coffee do you drink? | TikTok Twisty Bacon!


0:43: Stuff Rachel Missed-  COVID has hit Mt Everest, LeVar Burton WILL be on Jeopardy, A horse gambler won the "Rainbow Six", bowling with your Dad's ashes. 6:13: Tupperware lids aren't just for Tupperware anymore! 12:32: How many cups of coffee do you drink each day? 18:42: Good Idea/Bad Idea- The bathing suit that fits 7 sizes & Earth Day the Musical with Bill Nye the Science Guy 23:31: Bonus Good Idea/Bad Idea- The BEST TikTok Twisty Bacon & Polaroid's new mini camera 28:12: How you KNOW your kid will 'make it'!  

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