When do your kids become embarrassed by you? | No more Karens | Dave's rough morning


0:49: Stuff Rachel Missed- living to age 120, FREE beer if you get vaxed, nobody is naming their kid Karen! 6:07: Dave's had a rough morning- already! 11:50: Rachel says, age 7 is when your daughter (named Julia) starts to become embarrassed by you! 17:15: Good Idea/Bad Idea- Charging your phone in 8 minutes! Amazon "AmaZen Wellness Chambers".  22:15: Bonus Good Idea/Bad Idea- Wendy's Spicy Chicken Pringles, Little Caesers Stuffed Crust pizza, New Bachelor hosts & Wedding Crashers 2 27:27: What's the deal with dill!? What else can we possibly dill!?  

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