Deadline passes for N.S. candidate nominations


Nova Scotia's major political parties all have full slates of candidates for the 41st provincial election.

The Liberals, NDP, and Progressive Conservatives all have 55 candidates, while the Green Party has 43, Atlantica has 16, and there are six independents.

The last empty slot for the Tories was in Cumberland North, where David Wightman will be running for the party.

Lesley MacKay is the Liberal candidate in Dartmouth South, where Laura Ingraham was dropped after a dispute with the party over boudoir photos of herself that she had posted online and says she had disclosed to them.

There are four candidates in Truro-Bible Hill-Millbrook-Salmon River: Encumbent Dave Ritcey for the PCs, Shaun Trainor for the Greens, Tamara Tynes Powell for the Liberals, and Darlene DeAdder for the NDP.

Election day is August 17th.

Here is a breakdown of registered candidates by party:

  •  Atlantica: 16 candidates
  •  Green Party: 43 candidates
  •  Liberal: 55 candidates
  •  NDP: 55 candidates
  •  PC Party: 55 candidates
  •  Independent: 6 candidates

Electoral District Nominated Candidates
Colchester-Musquodoboit Valley Harrison, Larry, PC Party
  MacLellan, Rhonda, Liberal
  Moulton, Janet, NDP
Colchester North Drouin, Ivan, Green Party
  Foley, Sean, NDP
  Sante, Stephan, Atlantica
  Smith, Merlyn, Liberal
  Taggart, Tom, PC Party
Cumberland North Casey, Bill, Liberal
  Skabar, Lauren, NDP
  Smith-McCrossin, Elizabeth, Independent
  Wightman, David, PC Party
Cumberland South Duchesne, Larry, NDP
  Hendren, Nicholas, Green Party
  Lawless, Rollie, Liberal
  Rushton, Tory, PC Party
Hants East Blois, Michael, Liberal
  Cameron, Abby, NDP
  Greenough, Simon, Green Party
  MacDonald, John A, PC Party
Pictou Centre Dunn, Pat, PC Party
  McKenna, Jim, Liberal
  Moore, Laura, Green Party
  Theriault, Vernon, NDP
Pictou East Dean, Jonathan Geoffrey, Atlantica
  Houston, Tim, PC Party
  MacDonald, Joe, Liberal
  Polley, Joy, NDP
Pictou West Brett, Clare, Green Party
  Clark, John A, Independent
  MacFarlane, Karla, PC Party
  Parker, Rick, NDP
  Wooldridge-Elliott, Mary, Liberal
Truro-Bible Hill-Millbrook-Salmon River DeAdder, Darlene, NDP
  Ritcey, Dave, PC Party
  Trainor, Shaun, Green Party
  Tynes Powell, Tamara, Liberal