Desmond inquiry: hearings shift focus to federal involvement in tragic deaths


An inquiry investigating why a mentally ill former soldier killed three family members and himself in 2017 is expected to hear today from doctors who treated Lionel Desmond while he was in the military.

During the first phase of the provincial fatality inquiry, which started last year, the hearings focused on the involvement of police and provincial health and firearms officials.

Last week, the inquiry heard from members of Desmond's family and the immediate family of his wife, Shanna Desmond.

The inquiry shifts its focus today to the federal government's involvement in the tragic case.

Witnesses slated to testify this week include two doctors who worked with the Canadian Armed Forces and two other physicians who worked at a clinic that offers mental health treatment to current and formers soldiers and RCMP members.

The inquiry has heard that Desmond was diagnosed with severe post-traumatic stress disorder and a possible traumatic brain injury in 2011 after he saw combat during the Afghanistan war in 2007.