Family who perished in trailer fire were busy and boisterous: neighbour

Amherst fatal fire

A mother, father and four children who perished in a fire inside their vacation trailer are being recalled as an active, boisterous family by a friend who rented them the Amherst, N.S. farmhouse where they lived.
Colin Smith said he was close to the father, 30-year-old Robert Jorge (R.J.) Sears, and his friend's life centred on working hard and enjoying his young family alongside his partner, 28-year-old Michelle Robertson, at their home in Amherst, N.S.
The 44-year-old recalls their bustling household included a cat, a dog and a bearded lizard, and he has strong memories of all four children playing on the swings, leaping onto trees and bouncing on a trampoline in the yard as Robertson kept an eye on them.
R.J. Sears' father, Robert Tony Sears, has identified the children who died in the travel trailer as Madison, 11; Robert Ryder, 8; Jaxson, 4, and Colin J. (C.J.), 3.
The family died in a Passport Ultra Lite trailer, which at the time of the blaze was on a property in Millvale, a rural community about 45 kilometres southwest of Amherst.
The RCMP has said the family was at the camper for a weekend, and police found their bodies in the trailer on Sunday evening.