Federal environment minister says Nova Scotia looking to 'stall' on carbon tax


Federal Environment Minister Steven Guilbeault says he is disappointed Nova Scotia is looking to stall on taxing carbon pollution.

Guilbeault is reacting to a July 5 letter from Nova Scotia Environment Minister Tim Halman that voices concern about the province adopting a carbon tax at a time of high inflation.

Halman says in the letter to Guilbeault that the federal carbon tax could add 14.4 cents per litre to the cost of gasoline in Nova Scotia starting April 1, 2023.

But Guilbeault says pricing pollution is the right thing to do to help fight climate change.

The federal minister issued a statement saying the Nova Scotia government has "every opportunity'' to design a pricing system that will directly return carbon tax revenues to the public.

Guilbeault adds that under the federally designed system, eight out of 10 families will get back more than they pay in tax.