'Going green' more challenging amid COVID-19


The COVID-19 pandemic has made going green a lot harder.
Fear of contamination from reused packaging has prompted retailers to bar reusable packaging, from bags to coffee cups.
Restaurants have switched to a take-out only model, pushing the need for plastic and Styrofoam containers through the roof.
And as the use of plastic containers has risen, some cities have been forced to cut back municipal recycling programs.
Calgary has suspended blue-bin operations entirely because of a COVID-19 outbreak in the city's recycling plant.
In Edmonton about one-quarter of what the city collects from blue bins is now going to the landfill because it doesn't have the staff to handle all the material.
Alberta's Energy Regulator has also suspended almost all environmental monitoring requirements for the energy sector saying it's no longer safe to do so with the threat of COVID-19.
In eastern Ontario, Quinte Waste Solutions, which provides recycling to nine municipalities, has suspended collection of most hazardous and electronic waste for proper disposal.
And in Nova Scotia, several recycling depots have been closed.