Province releases updated data on COVID-19 vaccination mandate

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The province has released updated data on the COVID-19 vaccination mandate for key sectors and the provincial civil service vaccination directive.

All employees in key sectors, including healthcare and eduction, and direct employees of the provincial government, are required to be at least partially vaccinated by November 30th.

COVID-19 Vaccination Data for Employees in Key Sectors:

  • IWK Health Centre: 99% fully vaccinated, 1% partially vaccinated (99% reported vaccination status)
  • Home Care: 95% fully vaccinated, 4% partially vaccinated (97% reported vaccination status)
  • Adult Day Programs: 94% fully vaccinated (97% reported vaccination status)
  • Community Services: 93% fully vaccinated, 7% partially vaccinated (96% reported vaccination status)
  • Hearing and Speech NS: 99% fully vaccinated (95% reported vaccination status)
  • Long-term Care: 95% fully vaccinated, 3% partially vaccinated (95% reported vaccination status)
  • EHS: 99% fully vaccinated, 1% partially vaccinated (92% reported vaccination status)
  • Education: 97% fully vaccinated, 2% partially vaccinated (90% reported vaccination status)
  • Nova Scotia Health Authority: 95% fully vaccinated, 4% partially vaccinated (90% reported vaccination status)
  • Day Cares: 93% fully vaccinated, 5% partially vaccinated (84% of facilities reported vaccination status)
  • Correctional Services: 99% fully vaccinated, 1% partially vaccinated (68% reported vaccination status)

The provincial government says 93 per cent of its employees have reported their vaccination status, and 97 per cent are fully vaccinated, while 2 per cent are partially vaccinated.

Those who are partially vaccinated by the deadline may be subject to other health and safety measures, including testing, while those who reain unvaccinated by next Tuesday risk employment consequences, including unpaid leave.