Truro to make traffic changes to Muir, Faulkner streets Wednesday

Town of Truro (New)

The Town of Truro is making a traffic change on Muir Street Wednesday morning to stop people from going the wrong way.

Director of Public Works Andrew MacKinnon says the simplest solution suggested from the traffic engineer is to make it a two-way street.

Currently, Muir Street is one-way, but has traffic that will enter from Pleasant Street or turn left from Arlington Place.

In addition, MacKinnon says the direction of traffic from the narrow Faulkner Street will be reversed.

That street is currently one way heading from Victoria Street to Muir Street, but will now carry traffic back to Victoria.

Councillors Cathy Hinton and Bill Thomas brought up that neighbours weren't consulted about the change and many were present at the council meeting Monday.

Mayor Bill Mills says the change will be monitored.