Brockville council meets detailing top priorities for new term

Brockville Council Candidate Matt Wren - July 2018

Brockville Council has met for the first time since the municipal election. In their first meeting, the council took their first course of action by approving a loan for up to $17,000,000. The loan is for St. Vincent Property group, so they can finish an 88-apartment complex. 

Later, Mayor Matt Wren detailed some of his goals for the upcoming term. He said they are in the works with several big projects. Listing Reynolds park and a new area, which is still in its design phase.

Mayor Wren concluded by saying that he came into the role on a solid foundation. Looking to the future, he added that he promised council that early in the new year, they will conduct a goal-setting session. Insisting that the priorities they set will not be about him, but rather based around the goals and vision that the team of council wants.

With files by CFRA's Connor Ray