Pembroke, Renfrew County to develop senior's housing strategy


The City of Pembroke and Renfrew County are working to develop a new senior's housing strategy for the region. 

The City and County announced the move in a news release that said a consulting firm has been hired to help develop a strategy for better housing options for seniors in the area. 

The review, according to the City, will include services like assisted living, supportive housing, long-term care homes and Community Paramedic Partnerships in client's homes. 

County Warden Debbie Robinson said in a statement the move is being made in response to the growing wait lists for the area's two long-term care homes and the growth of the senior's population in Renfrew County. 

"We look forward to gathering information from, and working with, local municipalities, housing providers and many community stakeholders and agencies to bring forward a strategy that will give insight into this important issue," she said. 

Residents will be contacted for feedback on the issue but they can also get in touch directly with the County by email. 

The City and County currently run two long-term care homes, with almost 350 people currently residing at Bonnecherre Manor in Renfrew and Miramichi Lodge in Pembroke.