Renfrew OPP: Don't plant strange seeds from the mail

A package of unsolicited seeds is seen in this image. (OPP/Twitter)

Renfrew OPP and The Canada Food Inspection Agency are warning Ottawa Valley residents not to plant unordered seeds that may have been delivered by mail. 

OPP as well as other officials across Canada have received the unsolicited seeds with the return address in China. 

Police said if you receive these seeds, don't plant them or dispose of them, but rather get in touch with the Canada Food Inspection Agency to arrange a pick-up or drop-off. 

Officials say planting the seeds or improperly disposing of them could mean invasive species being introduced to the local eco-system. 

"These species can invade agricultural and natural areas, causing serious damage to our plant resources," the CFIA said in a statement. 

"If you receive a seed package that you did not order, please contact your regional CFIA office immediately. Keep the seeds and packaging, including the mailing label until a CFIA inspector contacts you with further instructions."