SEVENTEEN Issues 'Fan Etiquette Rules'


The company behind SEVENTEEN has issued a list of rules it expects people to follow after “repeated activities threatening” the safety of members of the K-pop group.

“We would like to provide SEVENTEEN Fan Etiquette to create healthy fan culture and to protect artists’ safety and rights,” Pledis Entertainment said, in a statement. “This set of Fan Etiquette rules apply to the entire public, fan or otherwise. We ask you to carefully read and comply with the rules.”

Citing incidents of “excessive physical contact and taking photography or videos up close,” the company instructed fans not to “visit airports or board the same flight as the artists.”

It accused some fans of “indiscriminately taking photos at airport areas where photography is not allowed and causing discomfort and inconveniences to others by blocking other passenger’s ways, using inappropriate language and creating noise and commotion.”

Pledis Entertainment told fans not to “stalk” members of SEVENTEEN. “Do not carry out or repeatedly attempt to contact, visit, follow, talk to, or make physical contact with the artists,” read the statement. “Do not attempt the above actions towards the family members, friends and acquaintances of the artists.”

It also said fans can’t “covertly photograph or record video or audio of the artists” and must not bring “any devices capable of recording video or audio into concert or other venues (except mobile phones), or use mobile phones for the purpose or recording video or audio.”

Fans were also told not to “chase” vehicles transporting members of the group or attempt to give them gifts.

“Do not engage in actions that physically or mentally threaten the artists,” the statement added. “Do not engage in other improper and inappropriate actions unbefitting of a fan or that which may be seen in a negative light by the fandom.”

Pledis Entertainment said fans who break the rules “may be subject to civil and criminal penalties” or, worse, “may be stripped of your eligibility to carry the official SEVENTEEN Global Fan Club Membership.” 

It also warned that fans making covert recordings at concerts may be asked to delete them and will be escorted out of the venue.”

SEVENTEEN kicked off its North American tour in Vancouver in August and made a stop in Toronto on Sept. 3. It has upcoming shows in Manila, Singapore and Japan.

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