Convicted Murderer Dell Speaks In Court


The woman who's in prison for a high profile Ottawa Valley murder spoke out in court this week, in her latest bid to win an early chance at freedom.

Cheryelle Dell, who was convicted in the 1995 poisoning death of her estranged husband Scott Dell in Killaloe, appeared calm and polite as she appeared in front of a 12-member jury in Pembroke Superior Court, trying to secure a chance to apply for early parole.

Early in the week, for the first time in decades, Dell admitted responsibility for the death of Scott Dell, who died after drinking wine laced with anti-freeze.

Dell's lawyer Oliver Abergel spent some time asking Dell to detail her history, her prison record, and her plans should she win an early release.

The Eganville Leader reported that those questions led to stories about being a victim of abuse and incest as a child.

Dell has told the court she'd like to live with friends in Dundas, Ontario if she wins an early release.

Credibility Questioned 

On Wednesday, Dell answered many questions about her own credibility, with the Crown suggesting she's had a history of lying.

Peter Napier, representing the Crown, asked Dell to review details in a large binder documenting her history, which included what Napier described as inaccuracies about a break and enter story that Dell reported back in the 1990s, and an inaccurate story about giving birth to a baby.

"Did you lie about giving birth to a baby and then wanting custody?", asked Napier.

"I don't remember maybe perfectly clearly", Dell said.

Napier eventually got Dell to concede that she had misled the court in that instance.

"Yes, I did", Dell agreed.

Dell was also asked by Napier about applying for a credit card in someone else's name.  Dell told the court that Nancy Filmore, her ex-lover who is now deceased, directed her to do it.

"Nancy directed me to do it", Dell said.

"Nancy had a very criminal mind".

Dell admitted to being misleading in the past but said she often didn't mean to be.

Jury Deliberations Upcoming

The judge has told the jury that this hearing will not be about determining guilt, and that it's only to decide if Dell deserves the chance to apply for early parole.

The jury will soon be charged by the judge, and will decide whether Dell should get that chance.

Otherwise, she can't apply until December of 2022.