County Of Renfrew Paramedics Pilot Groundbreaking Project


Renfrew County's paramedics are helping pioneer what could be a breakthrough in rural healthcare.

They partnered with some technology companies to deliver defibrillators to remote areas, using the paramedic service's drone.

The test saw the drone arriving about 7 minutes faster than land crews could get there.

The County's Director of Emergency Services Michael Nolan says this could make all the difference to a patient with cardiac arrest.

"We know that for every minute of cardiac arrest, your chance of survival can decrease by as much as 10 per cent", Nolan told Pure Country 96.7.

"So, a 7 minute advantage in terms of paramedic response is huge".

The experiment involved experts from robotics, cellphone and other technology companies, and was one of the first in the country.

"We did testing in Whitewater Region, and proved out that the drone we've had now for several years, with new cellular technology, can fly with full command-and-control function, and literally land in your front yard", Nolan added.

The results are now being evaluated.  

Nolan says if implemented it could have numerous applications including the delivery of other things like epi-pens, Naloxone, or blood samples.