"Day Of Action" Targets Provincial Cuts


It’s being called a province-wide “day of action”. 

Labour groups will be protesting provincial government cuts today, and Renfrew County will be the scene of one of those protests.  

The Renfrew and District Labour Council plans to demonstrate outside of MPP John Yakabuski’s constituency office late this afternoon. 

The group says cuts to education and healthcare are unacceptable, and they want the government to take action on what they call "the climate emergency". 

Local Labour Council president Micheal Wright says the government continues to cut services that families depend on, and that Renfrew County is demanding the PC government enhance public services, not cut them. 

The President of Renfrew County’s local chapter of the Ontario Secondary School Teachers Federation, Jeff Barber, says they feel the government is being short-sighted when it comes to the bigger picture about important public services.

"In that one year, we've seen a pattern of behaviour from this government that really makes us very concerned about the future of this province and the direction they're taking", Barber told Pure Country 96.7. on Friday morning.

"While they may be saving some money in the short term, ultimately this is going to cost all of us in the long term", Barber added.

The government has defended many of its changes and proposals as ways to become more efficient with taxpayer dollars, and to cut down waste and duplication while also reducing the massive provincial deficit.

MPP's Taking 5 Month Summer Break

The demonstrations come just as MPP's begin a 5-month summer break from Queen's Park.

The legislature normally rises in early June and resumes shortly after Labour Day, but Premier Ford's government has adjourned the house until October 28th.

NDP Leader Andrea Horwath thinks the federal election is the reason for the long break.

Some polls suggest Ford is unpopular, and that may be hurting Andrew Scheer's chances in Ontario ahead of the October 21st federal election.

A spokesman for Scheer denied Horwath's suggestion that the break came at Scheer's request.

Two of Ford's staffers recently left the premier's office to work for Scheer.

``They're helping out our cousins, federally, to turn this federal government around and said we'll talk almost every day,'' Ford said recently.

The premier has previously said he would be staying out of the federal election but has also been slamming the federal carbon tax at every turn, and said if he loses his court challenge on it, opponents of the tax will win at the ballot box.

 Government House Leader Todd Smith said it has already been a busy year since the provincial election last June 7.

``We've been sitting for a long time,'' he said, noting the legislature sat through the summer after the election and for an extra week over the winter holiday.

The government passed 20 bills in its first year, Smith said.

``We're very proud of all the accomplishments since we became the government of Ontario,'' he said. ``It's time to go back to the drawing board and start coming up with how we're going to fulfill the rest of our promises.''

(with files from the Canadian Press)