KHR: Visneskie Moore Confirmed In Recount


The re-elected mayor of Killaloe, Hagarty and Richards says she’s ready to move forward.

A recount on Friday confirmed Janice Visneskie Moore defeated David Mayville in the October election by 80 votes.

The original count had her defeating him by 82. 

Mayville had requested the recount and Visneskie Moore says she’s glad it happened and says council has some big issues to tackle this term.

"Our fire hall in Killaloe is deteriorating, so council will have to make some tough decisions about what we're going to do about that", Visneskie Moore told Star 96.7.

"We also continue to focus on the Bonnchere River Water Management Plan, and the flooding that occured, and we're hoping that that won't happen again.

As for the recount, Visneskie Moore says it's a sign that democracy is healthy.

"I'm glad that council did grant the request, and so now it's confirmed", she said.

And, she adds, she's hoping for a productive term.

"We have a new provincial government (to work with), so council is looking at it not as challenges, but as opportunities".

The Killaloe, Hagarty & Richards Township Council will begin its new term at a meeting Tuesday morning.