Mansfield Arena Trashed By Vandals


There's been a troubling case of vandalism near Fort Coulonge, where the vandals appear to have left some clues behind.

The community arena in Mansfield was damaged extensively.

Photos shared by the township of Mansfield-et-Pontefract last night show a vending machine and cash register destroyed, along with several rooms that appear to have been trashed and damaged.

There's also a photo showing a handwritten message on a wall that says "sorry, my friend was just messing the place up.. LOL".  

It's no laughing matter to Quebec's provincial police force, the Surete Du Quebec.

They're asking anyone who knows anything to get in touch with them. 

Township officials point out that the community works hard to keep up the arena. and that it's a major location for fundraisers and important local causes.

They also note that the gymnasium at the arena is closed for now, because of the extensive vandalism damage.

Here's the township's Facebook page with additional photos: