MP Meets With Madawaska Fish & Game Club About Bill C-71


Renfrew County hunters and lawful gun owners are against changes to Bill C-71 and say they feel misrepresented in society.

MP for Renfrew Nippissing Pembroke, Cheryl Gallant, recently met with members of the Madawaska Valley Fish and Game Club to hear their concerns over the proposed federal firearms law, which calls on a complete ban on pistols and sidearms.

Gallant says the main takeaway from the meeting was that lawful gun owners are being made out to be the bad guys…

“In the Valley, hunting is part of our way of life; it’s why some people choose to live here. They don’t understand why; when they obey all the rules and go to the classes and pay their money to take the courses, have their background checks, why Trudeau wants to punish them.”

Gallant says the club members would like to see the laws in place enforced and to have the people who are committing crimes with handguns to face longer jail sentences and be banned from owning firearms instead of bringing changes to Bill C-71.