NDP Chooses Local Candidate For Election


A teacher from Eganville will carry the NDP banner in next month's federal election for Renfrew-Nipssing-Pembroke.

Eileen Jones-Whyte was chosen as the party's candidate on Thursday night at a nomination meeting in Cobden, where she competing with Deep River nucelar engineer Kurt Stoll in the party's first local nomination contest in over a decade.

Jones-Whyte addressed supporters at the meeting to accept the nomination, thank Stoll for putting his name forward, and to share her vision for the campaign.

She has said that she wants to help improve the lives of Canadians by removing barriers that keep people from fully participating in our economy, and taking positive action toward reducing climate change.  

"I believe in social and climate justice. I want to play a role in improving the lot of ordinary Canadians. I want to leave the world a better place", Jones-Whyte stated in a news release when seeking the nomination.

She has taught school for over 25 years in Ontario, Newfoundland and in Munich, Germany.  

"I became a teacher," she said, "Because I saw education as a means to give all people a chance of a better future.  As a teacher, I have seen how education can lift people up and help them fulfill their potential. Not everyone comes to school equally advantaged. This is true of our overall society. Many can benefit from supports which overcome their obstacles and help them achieve fulfilling lives. Investments in people not only help individuals but create a richer and more caring society".

Jones-Whyte says she wants "a government that sees the value of all Canadians, that will work toward removing the systemic barriers that keep many Canadians from fully participating in our economy and that values the future with positive actions towards reducing climate change.
The election is expected to be called for October 21st.