Petawawa Blvd. Expansion An "Aggressive" Priority


Petawawa’s new Town Council wants to bring the expansion of Petawawa Boulevard to the finish line.   

Mayor Bob Sweet told last night's inaugural meeting of town council that the four-laning of the Boulevard from the Garrison to Mohns Avenue and Doran Road is an "aggressive" priority for this term.

Sweet says with the County and the federal government already showing an interest in helping pay for it, the focus now shifts to convincing the new provincial government to chip in a share of the 22-million dollar project.

Mayor Sweet calls the project critical for the thousands of people who travel to and from Garrison Petawawa daily.

“They’re one of the largest single employers in eastern Ontario and they deserve the benefit of first-class infrastructure to get to and from work”, Sweet told Star 96.7 after the inaugural meeting of Petawawa Town Council on Monday evening.

“It’s one of those things where somewhere along the line we’ve got to stop chasing our tail and say, let’s get this job done", he said.

"We all understand it’s 22 to 23 million dollars and not one of us at the lower levels can afford to do this.  So we need the upper tier, the senior levels of government to come to the table”.

Sweet says if the feds and the province each ponied up $7 million, it would probably seal the deal for the boulevard expansion -- which he predicts would take a couple of years once those agreements are in place.

He says a new lobbying group is being organized to get to work in the new year.

"We’ve got a lobbying group we’ve put together and we’ll be going down to Toronto and back to Ottawa to talk to them about trying to cross the "t"s and dot the "i"s on this thing".

Other Priorities

Sweet said additional challenges and opportunities in front of council for the upcoming term include figuring out how the cannabis legislation will affect residents, business development, policing and internal policies.

He said other projects that will demand council's attention include the growth in commercial construction, and business expansion in the community, along with the expansion of the Petawawa Centennial Family Health Centre.

Planning for the future will also be a focus, with a plan to review and update the Town's guiding and planning documents, such as the Strategic Plan, the Zoning By-Law, and a review development charges.

Lemay Tribute

Also at last night's meeting, Sweet paid tribute to longtime former Councillor Treena Lemay, who was defeated in the October election.

"Your twenty four years of service to our municipality have been exceptional", Sweet said.

"You have graciously served the residents of this community, bringing forward new initiatives and supporting existing programs, all with a focus of bettering the lives of our residents".