Power Company Thanks Workers & Supporting Agencies For Marathon Effort


As the mill fire on Boundary Road in Pembroke was burning on Wednesday night, Pembroke and Laurentian Valley were thrown into darkness.

A main power line that feeds the city with electricity from the Hydro One grid was brought down during the fire, meaning Hydro One customers in Laurentian Valley lost electricity for about two hours.

But on the other side of that broken line, in Pembroke, the blackout lasted for 10 hours. 

Ottawa River Power Corporation crews worked non-stop, on the ground, in the woods, and on power poles, dealing with broken parts and fixing the line once it was safe enough for them to get close to it.  

Elecriticy was restored to Pembroke by 6:30 this morning.  

Ottawa River Power Corporation General manager Jane Donnelly says she’s thankful for the work crews did, and for the support they received.

"It took a collaboration of a lot of folks out there", Donnelly told Star 96.7.

"We had Hydro One, we were working with them, and with the Fire Department.  We had a bunch of crews, some were out in the woods and some were on the site.  Our crew worked diligently through the night".

"They did a great job; I'm really proud of them", Donnelly added.

There is another way to bring a power supply into Pembroke, from a station in Waltham Quebec, but officials say it would barely be enough to power one quarter of the city, and they say it wasn’t a reliable option during a blackout of this nature, when crews needed to focus on fixing the main line as quickly as possible.