Renfrew's Missing Baby Jesus Figure Found; 'Wise Man' Gets Credit:


The mystery of the missing baby Jesus figure in Renfrew took a positive turn today.

Diana Wakely says a good 'wise man', Tom Webster, discovered the figure in a parking lot near the Nativity Scene around 8 a.m. today (Wednesday).

"It was Tom Webster, one of the town employees, who's our wise man", Wakely told Star 96.7.

"He found him in the parking lot at the Town Hall.  Obviously, it's been dropped out of a car because there were tire tracks", Wakely said.

The figure, made of paper mâché, was stolen from the outdoor nativity scene at Low Square in front of Town Hall over the weekend.

The figure was not damaged when found this morning.

It took more than two months for a committee of 100 people to prepare the nativity scene.

Wakely said it’s clear that the story touched the community, and with national news exposure, the country.

She says people related to the effort that so many volunteers put into creating the nativity scene.

"It's the spirit of why it's here", she said.

"It's Christmas, it represents Christmas.  That's the part that hurts more than anything else.  Yes, we do the work .. because we believe", she said.

The OPP had sent out an appeal following this recent theft.

Organizers of the Nativity Scene have indicated they will be implementing some new security measures going forward.