There are no confirmed cases of the COVID-19 virus in Garrison Petawawa


Garrison Petawawa is aware of a member of the defence team in 4 Canadian Division Support Group that came into contact with an individual exhibiting flu like symptoms.  As a very proactive measure, the member, and their immediate colleagues were asked to follow the self-isolation guidelines provided by the Public Health Agency of Canada, until testing can determine if the flu like symptoms exhibited by the other person are of concern.

The Base Surgeon has since reviewed this situation and has determined that there is no credible risk of COVID-19 to this 4 CDSG member. While the risk is not zero, it is sufficiently low that even (PHAC) testing is not recommended.  The Base Surgeon has further recommended that this 4 CDSG member, and their immediate colleagues who were told to self-isolate, should return to normal life and active duty, and should undertake nothing more than a period of self-monitoring.

There have also been rumours of a COVID-19 case within one of the CANSOF units here on Garrison. That is false.

In the meantime, day to day operations are continuing on the Garrison as usual.  Any member of the Garrison Defence team who suspect contact with COVID-19, or are exhibiting symptoms, please ensure you call 613-281-3264 to get appropriate Garrison medical advice on the way ahead.