UPDATE: Pickets At Garrison Petawawa Entrance Over Different Labour Disputes


It’s a slower drive into Garrison Petawawa this morning as picketers take to the streets over a variety of labour disputes.

Unionized sheet metal workers who are currently part of a province-wide strike are picketing.  They’ve been off the job now for a few weeks.

You may have noticed other locals representing pipe fitters and plumbers picketing job sites around the valley in recent days as well.  They’re on strike for the first time in decades.

Here is an article posted by "Construct Connect" about the sheet metal workers' strike:


And this article posted by the "On-Site" construction trade magazine outlines some background on the plumbers and pipe fitters' strike:

information on that strike:

Those labour disputes, together, are affecting thousands of trade professionals across Ontario and have been poised to slow down major construction projects as the summer construction season moves into high gear.

This morning’s picket at the Garrison entrance also involves members of one of the locals of the Union of National Defence employees.

Pure Country 96.7 is told that has to do with the cleaning service on the garrison, and pamphlets being passed out are urging people to demand that the cleaning service be taken under direct control of the Garrison once again.

Some picketers are also holding Public Service Alliance of Canada union signs.

Traffic is being slowed down as picketers share information this morning.