Working Hard To Help Pembroke's Hungry


The push is on to keep helping the hungry in Pembroke, following the loss of the Salvation Army.

The Grind in downtown Pembroke has become a new hub, for not only a food bank service, but also hot lunches. 

Volunteers have been cooking them off site and serving them daily at the Grind for more than 50 people.

However, City Councillor Pat Lafreniere, who has spent some days volunteering and helping out, says it’s really put a strain on resources, so the call is out for more volunteers.

"There are 50 plus people who don't have a place to have a hot lunch", Lafreniere said on Tuesday night, after sharing details about the situation with Pembroke City Council.

"Some of them are living on just over $700 a month. By the time they pay rent, they can't afford food.  This is a vital service in our community, and they're pretty much at a crisis when it comes to needing volunteers to come", Lafreniere added.

Anyone who wants to help can leave their information with Councillor Lafreniere or at The Grind.

Lafreniere says the effort and the will to help is commendable, and that they just need some more helping hands and ideally, a permanent place to cook the hot lunches and serve them.

For now, she says the first step is mobilizing and getting more people involved to meet the growing demand and community need.