• Off The Air with Chase and Lindsay- Goodbye

    A message from Chase and Lindsay
  • Off The Air with Chase and Lindsay- May 12, 2022

    All of you are way too confident about flying a plane. (00:00) Country Thunder single tickets on sale tomorrow. (1:30) A morbid story of a man who had a heart attack while committing a crime. (3:40) Nashville Kat Recap. (5:15) Someone donated $500k to the Globe Theatre! (7:35) What's Trending: Naomi Judd memorial, Netflix, Barbie and Paper bottles. (9:00) Things We Learnt about chainsaws. (12:55)  
  • Off The Air with Chase and Lindsay- May 11, 2022

    Grab ANYTHING from the menu today to support McHappy Day! STARS lottery is on now and you could win some amazing stuff. (1:30) Politics are crap, and now they smell the same too. (3:25) Nashville Kat Recap. (6:00) Patrick Marleau is retiring from the NHL. (9:00) What's Trending: Netflix, big Auctions, and Airbnb rules. (11:00) Things We Learnt about Thor's Hammer. (14:40)
  • Off The Air with Chase and Lindsay- May 10, 2022

    Boots on the Beach 2023 details! (00:00) The inductees into the Riders Plaza of Honour. (1:50) This business was vandalized by... what? (3:30) Nashville Kat Recap. (5:15) A Sask woman published a great children's book! (8:50) What's Trending: Gaga beauty, Colbert postponed, and Baby news. (10:25) Things we learnt about what Sask eats more of than the rest of the country. (16:15
  • Off The Air with Chase and Lindsay- May 9, 2022

    Garth has announced a 2nd show in Edmonton! (00:00) Record hailstorm claim details are in. (2:00) The one person you definitely want to be qualified for the job. (4:45) Nashville Kat Recap. (6:50) A Regina man is covering lost wages for some care home workers. (8:40) What's Trending: Sam Hunt, Fred Savage, World Video Game Hall of Fame. (10:05) Things We Learnt about George Michael. (13:20)
  • Off The Air with Chase and Lindsay- May 5, 2022

    Chris Stapleton is at the Brandt tonight. (00:00) Fishing season has begun! (:50) If Otto the bus driver was a real person. (2:20) Nashville Kat Recap. (4:25) Saskatoon Firefighters raised money for their Ukrainian Sister City. (5:55) What's Trending: Billboard Nominations, Dave Chappelle, NFL International games. (7:10) Things We Learnt about alarm clocks. (11:30)

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