• Chris Henderson Called Up To Open For Kip Moore

    What a crazy 24 hours for singer/songwriter Chris Henderson. He went for doing yardwork in the morning to opening for 1600 screaming country fans at night! Called up after the original opener couldn't make it last minute. We talked to Chris about last night at the Conexus Art Centre.


    Multi-platinum singer/songwriter Kip Moore is coming the Conexus Arts Centre on Tuesday. Brandon Hall caught up with Kip to ask him how excited he is to play for Regina again.

    Brandon Hall's 5 year old son Brooks is back with another timely traffic update!
  • Off The Air with Chase and Lindsay- Goodbye

    A message from Chase and Lindsay
  • Off The Air with Chase and Lindsay- May 12, 2022

    All of you are way too confident about flying a plane. (00:00) Country Thunder single tickets on sale tomorrow. (1:30) A morbid story of a man who had a heart attack while committing a crime. (3:40) Nashville Kat Recap. (5:15) Someone donated $500k to the Globe Theatre! (7:35) What's Trending: Naomi Judd memorial, Netflix, Barbie and Paper bottles. (9:00) Things We Learnt about chainsaws. (12:55)  
  • Off The Air with Chase and Lindsay- May 11, 2022

    Grab ANYTHING from the menu today to support McHappy Day! STARS lottery is on now and you could win some amazing stuff. (1:30) Politics are crap, and now they smell the same too. (3:25) Nashville Kat Recap. (6:00) Patrick Marleau is retiring from the NHL. (9:00) What's Trending: Netflix, big Auctions, and Airbnb rules. (11:00) Things We Learnt about Thor's Hammer. (14:40)

Listen to your favourite artists!

Listen to your favourite artists!