Froot Loops Changed the Look of Toucan Sam and People Are Not Pleased


Toucan Sam is the bird that's on every box of Froot Loops who has a colorful beak to match the different colors of the cereal pieces. He used to be different shades of light and dark blue with a yellow, red, pink, and black beak and as far as cartoons go, he was pretty realistic to the shape of an actual toucan, too. Not anymore, though, because Kellogg's has totally changed Toucan Sam's appearance. Our once-handsome, blue-feathered friend is now a psychedelic neon bird with a threatening aura. Froot Loops debuted the new Toucan Sam on Instagram, and people all over the internet started sounding off about the change. The hashtag #NotMyToucanSam flooded the comment section on Froot Loops' Instagram. Many critiques are about the actual logic behind the design, because this Toucan Sam has a beak and a mouth that are totally separate from each other, which anatomically makes no sense. The mouth has...human teeth inside of it. All in all, what we've learned here today, folks, is that (1) people hate change, (2) food mascots can really tear people apart, and (3), birds don't have teeth, alright?


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