Gronk vs. Rodman?? Could this be happening??

Gronk vs. Rodman

Now that former New England Patriots tight end dabbler Rob Gronkowski is on the brink of formally joining the WWE, another former jock/part-time wrestler--Dennis Rodman--wants to jump in the ring with him.

“Someone asked me, ‘Dennis you want to wrestle again?’ I could tell you a guy I really want to wrestle, and that’s Gronkowski," Rodman says in a new video posted by WWE. "He talks a lot of s**t. I’m 50 years old; you’re 32, 33 years old. Great--it don’t matter to me; let’s go ahead and do this s**t. This ain’t about me making any money; I’ll just go out and wrestle his a**. Let’s go on and do it.”

Rodman notched just one win in five WWE matches between 1997 and 2000.

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