Need to Know: Drive- Thru closing, dead fish, and return to school


As of August 8th, The Saskatchewan Health Authority will be closing down their drive-thru immunization clinics.

They'll be focusing on offering walk-in and pop-up clinics at venues across the province.

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Dead fish have been washing up on shore at Echo Lake, and other lakes in the Qu’appelle Valley.

Experts believe the significant number of fish washing up on local shores can be attributed to higher than normal temperatures.

Water gets warmer and it holds less oxygen ao there is less for the fish to breathe.

As it gets warmer, fish respiration, how they process their energy also goes up. So not only do the fish have less oxygen, but they need more so that’s where they get into a pinch in the warm water.

The Government of Saskatchewan is preparing for schools to return in the fall.

Some cleaning protocols will remain in place, including routine disinfection of school transportation and promotion of hand hygiene in classrooms and bathrooms.

Sports and extracurricular activities are permitted to return in full, including sports, dance, drama band, choir, field trips and nutrition programs.

Prescribed structure for day-to-day school operations and protocol for physical distancing will not be in place.

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