Need to Know: Phone Scam, CERB tax forms, & wrong emails with HAL


RCMP issue a phone scam alert with fraudsters falsely identifying as STARS

A caller will claim that a prize has been won, which is usually a vehicle or large amount of money, according to the police advisory.

Police said the scammers then ask for a few hundred dollars in the form of pre-paid Visa cards or gift cards as a processing fee to cover the shipping costs of the new vehicle.

If it was the actual STARS organization calling about a prize win, they would not ask for any additional money, RCMP said.


If you received CERB payments you should have T4A tax slips mailed out soon

The Canada Revenue Agency is set to mail out its first tax slips to those who received government benefits like the Canada Emergency Response Benefit (CERB) or enhanced Employment Insurance (EI) benefits in 2020.

Those tax slips, known as T4As, are key documents needed for those filing a tax return for 2020. T4A forms are like T4 forms, which are generally provided to employees by an employer but with a key difference: Instead of the amount of wages and benefits provided by an employer, the T4A will list the amount of any benefits provided by the federal government.

The CRA will be sending the T4As by mail beginning this week and those mailings will continue until March 10.


After thousands of emails were sent to the wrong people through the provinces’ Hunting, Angling and Trapping Licence (HAL) system an investigation has been opened.

Last week around 33,000 emails were sent out reminding people to fill out harvest surveys. The issue being the emails including full names and HAL numbers were sent to the wrong addresses.

The Saskatchewan Ministry of Environment said the email was a human error and wasn’t a hack or a breach and because a password is still needed to access a HAL account they do not believe any personal information was breached but are still offering a new HAL number to anyone who wants one.



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