Need to Know: SaskTel Charing for Email Addresses, Polar Vortex, Winter Shelter


SaskTel to Charge Subscription Fee for SaskTel email address

SaskTel is going to start charging its customers for their email addresses.

Customers currently receive a free email address as part of their subscription to SaskTel internet service.

The company sent out messages to customers at the beginning of January saying that their free email addresses will cost $1.95 per month starting in April.


Polar Vortex could be coming to Canada

The polar vortex hovering over Siberia has generated the coldest temperature on Earth so far this year, and according to meteorologists, it could be headed to Canada in early February.

When cold weather does come to Canada in February, it will be because shifts in the jet stream cause the polar vortex to dissipate and re-form over western Canada, replacing the warm air that's settled over the country in recent weeks.


Former downtown Regina YMCA building to house temporary winter shelter

After months of uncertainty, Regina’s houseless are finally moving from the city’s warming bus to an indoor shelter.

A temporary emergency shelter will open at the end of the month inside the former YMCA downtown.

According to the city, the shelter will have 40 spaces and will open Jan. 30.

The three month operation will cost about $900,000. The City of Regina will pay for rent and renovations amounting to $500,000, while the province will handle operational costs.

More information can be found here.


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