Need To Know: Stuffy race, 30 X 30 Program, Canada Celebrations


Pure Country Stuffy Race

You’ve dreamt of high speed racing your whole life.  The feel of the water streaming along your cheeks as the wind forces the tears from your eyes.

 For you… it’s always been about speed. The opportunity to cross the finish line first and leave everyone in the dust and claim the grand prize.

 Pure Country presents the Stuffy Race at Northgate Mall.  Sure, you might not achieve that need for speed, but you could be atop the podium with a pair of weekend passes to Country Thunder Saskatchewan!


Canada Day Celebrations For Sask.

After two years of muted Canada Day celebrations thanks to the pandemic, there will be celebrations in Saskatchewan’s provincial parks this Friday for the holiday.

The parks participating in the celebrations include Rowan’s Ravine, Echo Valley, Buffalo Pound, Cypress Hills, Saskatchewan Landing, Douglas, Duck Mountain, Pike Lake, Good Spirit, Meadow Lake, Candle Lake, Great Blue Heron, Greenwater Lake, Moose Mountain and Narrow Hills.

The activities start in the afternoon and go through into the evening:

– 1:30-2:30 p.m. – The Great Canadian Floatie Race – Floaties provided
– 2:30-8 p.m. – Bring your “Eh” Game – Come-and-go self-use activities
– 3-4 p.m. – Cake/cupcakes – Celebratory treats
– 3-4 p.m. – Maple Scented National Flag – Play dough craft
– 3-5 p.m. – “Wear’s” Your Pride? – Canadian tattoo station
– 4-5 p.m. – Let your Canada Pride Shine – Lantern craft
– 5-6 p.m. – Ultimate Canuck Quest – A park venture with clues and directions
– 7-8 p.m. – Test Your True North Knowledge – Trivia game


Regina Police Service sets target for female recruitment

Women are going to be front and centre in the Regina Police Service’s (RPS) future recruitment efforts. The RPS has unveiled targets to increase not just women in uniform but in administration roles as well.

Called the 30 X 30 Initiative, it sets the goal of having 30 per cent of all sworn members be women by 2030. That doesn’t only mean officers, it would also include someone in 911 dispatch for example. In 2021, 24.8 per cent of sworn positions were filled by women. Currently, 102 of the 433 police positions are women.

The 30 X 30 Initiative also ensures the RPS examine its practices and policies to determine if there are any barriers to women.

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