NYC Man Accused Of Stalking Taylor Swift


A 35-year-old New York City man has been ordered to stay away from Taylor Swift after being arrested Friday on stalking and trespassing charges.

Joshua Christian is accused of accessing two buildings with connections to Swift on separate occasions in March and June.

“The defendant has not only repeatedly shown up to Ms Swift’s home here in New York but has traveled to her home in Tennessee as well,” a prosecutor alleged during an arraignment on Saturday, according to reports.

On June 12, Christian allegedly said on the intercom: “You’re dead, you know. You’re holding her prisoner and I need to set her free.”

In court, Christian called his arrest “the worst miscarriage of justice since the crucifixion of Christ Jesus” and said he wanted to represent himself.

Judge Eric Schumacher set bail at a token $1 but ordered him held in custody as a fugitive since he faces a reckless driving charge in Florida. Christian is due back in court on the stalking and trespassing charges on Aug. 15.

In March 2019, Roger Alvarado was arrested after allegedly breaking into Swift’s New York City home. He had previously been sentenced to six months in jail for breaking into her home.

Another man, Eric Swarbrick, was sentenced in September 2020 to 30 months in prison after pleading guilty to sending Swift threatening letters and emails.

In 2019, Swift expressed concerns for her safety in a column she wrote for Elle. “My fear of violence has continued into my personal life. I carry QuikClot army grade bandage dressing, which is for gunshot or stab wounds,” she admitted.

“Websites and tabloids have taken it upon themselves to post every home address I’ve ever had online. You get enough stalkers trying to break into your house and you kind of start prepping for bad things.”

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