Phase 3 starts today! Here's what you need to know:


Phase Three – June 8, 2020

The following recommendations should remain in place through all five phases:

  • Protective measures for vulnerable populations.
  • Individuals should continue working from home if they can do so effectively.
  • Physical distancing must be maintained, wherever possible.
  • People must stay at home when they are sick.
  • Vulnerable individuals, such as seniors and those with underlying health conditions, should continue to exercise caution and minimize high-risk exposures, such as public outings.
  • Personal hygiene will continue to be a key prevention measure.
  • Enhanced cleaning and disinfection should take place in workplaces, public spaces and recreational facilities.
  • Although the public health order regarding the size of gatherings does not apply to businesses and workplaces, they are expected to follow the recommended public health measures, including:
    • physical distancing for staff and clients;
    • regular cleaning and disinfection;
    • frequent handwashing and sanitizing;
    • use of PPE where available and appropriate; and
    • keeping staff who demonstrate or report COVID-19 symptoms out of the workplace.
  • Special care and personal care homes must ensure that each staff member works in only one facility

Re-Opening Remaining Personal Services

  • Other personal service businesses can begin providing services to the public, including:
    • esthetician;
    • tattoo artist;
    • make-up application;
    • electrologist;
    • manicurist;
    • pedicurist;
    • sun tanning parlour;
    • facilities in which body piercing, bone grafting or scarification services are provided; and
    • other personal service facilities.

Re-Opening Restaurants and Licensed Establishments – 50 per cent capacity

Re-Opening Gyms and Fitness Facilities

Re-Opening Child Care Facilities

Places of Worship

Increase the Size of Public and Private Gatherings – Indoor - 15 People; Outdoor - 30 People

  • All businesses and customers are expected to maintain physical distancing practices.
  • Restaurants, bars, lounges, food courts, cafeterias, cafes, bistros, and similar facilities are allowed up to 50 percent capacity of their regular capacity to respect limitations on the size of gatherings and physical distancing. Buffet service is not permitted.
  • Recreation areas within restaurants and licensed establishments are not allowed. This includes dance floors, VLTs, pool tables and other areas where it is not possible to practice physical distancing.
  • All facilities that provide child care services as defined in The Child Care Act, 2014, are limited to a maximum of 15 children per building space to allow parents to return to work. Restricting children to a single facility is mandatory to reduce transmission risks.
  • All child care facilities located within a special care or personal care home must have a private entrance and separate space so there are no shared common areas. There must be no interaction between children and residents of the home. The facility may continue to operate subject to any restrictions placed on all child care facilities.
  • Re-opening gyms and fitness facilities promotes physical and mental wellness. Physical distancing must be maintained and stringent cleaning and disinfecting protocols must be established.
  • Clients over 40 years of age and those with underlying risk factors should use caution when considering visiting fitness facilities.

* Other than in an allowable business, the size of public and private gatherings will increase to a maximum of 15 people indoors and 30 people outdoors.

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