Pickles are the perfect pairing for your heath


Someday we might all be brushing our teeth with pickles. 

A new study has found a lot of perks in eating fermented foods. 

And apparently pickles have a numeber of health benefits. 
It’s why some sports drinks are made with pickles, because they contain electrolytes and potassium that can help relieve muscle cramps. Pickles are rich in probiotics — healthy, live bacteria and yeast — which aid in gut health and digestion, too, and make for an effective hangover cure. 

And now there’s another reason to add more pickles to your diet: They can fight cavities. A new study has found that the probiotics in pickles and other fermented vegetables can prevent tooth decay and thwart the oral bacteria that causes cavities.

So next time you drink too much, eat a pickle the morning after for your hangover and teeth!

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