Thomas Rhett, Wife Lauren Welcome 3rd Daughter


Thomas Rhett and his wife Lauren welcomed a baby girl on Monday.

“Lennon Love Akins was born at 8:30 AM on February 10th! It was such a joy to watch this little angel be brought into the world,” the 29-year-old country star shared in an Instagram post late Tuesday.

“My wife is just incredible through the entire birth watching our kids meet Lennon for the first time was probably the sweetest thing I’ve ever seen in my whole life! Ada James and Willa Gray are going to be the best big sisters on the planet … I’m so grateful for my beautiful growing family!!”

On her Instagram, Lauren also shared a series of photos. “Our early Valentine baby was born yesterday, February 10th and her sisters couldn’t be happier to finally get to kiss her little face. Lennon Love Akins 9lbs 2oz of lovveeee with lots of dark hair and blue eyes. we could not be more in love.”

The couple, who were married in 2012, adopted Willa Gray from Uganda in May 2017 and welcomed Ada James in August 2017. The girls and their mother appear in Rhett’s video for “Look What God Gave Her.”

Last April, Rhett spoke to about how fatherhood has changed him. "When you’re first starting out you kind of just have to say ‘yes’ to everything but now that I have kids, I still try to do as much as I possibly can, but now if there is something really important that’s happening in town – like Willa’s ballet recital or something like that – I will definitely look at my options differently,” he explained.

“When you have kids your priorities change a little bit. Today my kids are my No. 1 for sure priority but I do love that they get to come on the road because it makes being on the road feel a lot more like home.”

At home, he said, the girls are his biggest fans. “We sing all the time at the house and when we get in the car it’s nothing but my music that plays because they get really mad if I change it to somebody different,” said Rhett. “I’m kind of soaking it in while I can.”

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